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LBC-586Plus-133-0 - Winsystems LBC-586Plus-133-0 CPU Board with 586Plus-133 586DX processor, 256KB cache...

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Winsystems LBC-586Plus-133-0 CPU Board with 586Plus-133 586DX processor, 256KB cache Simple Type: CPU Board

The LBC-586Plus combines a CPU with Ethernet, video, solid state disks, floppy, IDE, serial and digital I/O. Its feature-rich onboard I/O controllers makes the LBC-586Plus ideal for embedded control industrial applications requiring operator interface or as a network computer. Plus its PC software compatibility assures easy program development and checkout.

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  • +5 volt only operation
  • 133MHz 5x86 CPU
  • 16-bit PC/104 expansion connector
  • 256KB Level 2 cache
  • 4 RS-232 serial ports with FIFOs; COM1 & COM2
  • 48 bidirectional TTL digital I/O lines with 24 capable of event sense interrupt generation
  • AT keyboard controller
  • Bidirectional LPT port that supports EPP/ECP
  • High-resolution, SVGA video controller
  • IEEE 802.3, 10Mbps NE2000 compatible Ethernet controller, integrated AUI and 10BASE-T I/F
  • Onboard floppy disk controller
  • Onboard PCI EIDE hard disk interface
  • PC-AT software compatible
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • Small size: 5.75 x 8.0 inches (146mm x 203mm)
  • SMM/SMI supported
  • Speaker port and onboard piezo transducer
  • Status, hard disk and Ethernet activity LEDs
  • Three 16-bit counter/timers
  • Two interrupt controllers and 7 DMA channels
  • Two solid state disk sockets support onboard bootable DIP Flash, SRAM or (EP)ROM
  • Up to 288MB Flash Disk with Flash File System
  • Up to 64 Mbytes of installable system DRAM with either EDO or Fast Page SIMM supported
  • Upgrade for WinSystems’ LBC-486
  • Watchdog timer and power-fail reset
  • with optional onboard RS-422/485/ J1708 support


  • AUI: 16-pin dual on 0.100” grid
  • CRT: 10-pin dual on 0.100” grid
  • Dimensions: 5.75” x 8.0” (146mm x 203mm)
  • EIDE Interface: Supports 2 drives
  • Ethernet data rate: 10 megabits per second
  • Floppy Disk Interface: 34-pin 0.100” grid
  • IDE Interface: 40-pin 0.100” grid
  • Jumpers: 0.025” square posts
  • LBC-586Plus CPU Clock: 133 MHz
  • LPT Interface: Bidirectional LPT with ECP/EPP
  • Non-condensing relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Operating Temperature: -40 C to +70 C
  • Panel: 50-pin dual on 0.100” grid
  • Parallel I/O: 26-pin 0.100” grid
  • Parallel Interface: 48 I/O lines, TTL compatible. Output: IOL: 12mA at 0.6 volts. Input: 10K nominal pull-up resistor
  • PC/104 Bus: 64-pin 0.100” socket. 40-pin 0.100” socket
  • PC/104 Interface: 16-bit, non-stackthrough
  • Power: 8-pin in-line Molex
  • Serial Interface: 4 Serial channels with RS-232 levels. RS-422/485 optional using the CK-75176 kit on COM1 and COM2 only
  • Serial, Parallel, Keyboard: 50-pin on 0.100” grid
  • Solid State Disk Capacity: Two, 32-pin memory sockets support up to 1MB SRAM or Atmel Flash, 2MB of EPROM or up to 288MB DiskOnChip
  • System Memory Addressing: 64 Megabytes
  • System Memory Cache: 256K bytes
  • System Memory Capacity: 72-pin EDO or Fast Page SIMM supplied and installed by user
  • Twisted Pair: RJ-45



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