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LPM- DX5 - WinSystems LPM-DX5 STD BUS 5x86 SBC with PC/104 Expansion Simple...

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WinSystems LPM-DX5 STD BUS 5x86 SBC with PC/104 Expansion Simple Type: CPU Board

The LPM/MCM-DX5 is a small, high- performance, em beddable com puter sys tem on a sin gle STD-Bus form fac tor board. It fea tures the Auctor 2089 plus the AMD 5x86 run ning at 133 MHz. It can be popu lated with up to 32 Mega bytes of fac tory in stalled SMT DRAM. Its full PC/AT hard ware, and in dus try stan dard Award BIOS, as sures full hard ware and soft ware com pati bil ity with PC soft ware and op er at ing sys tems. The LPM/MCM-DX5 in cludes on board in ter faces for floppy disks, IDE fixed disks, par al lel printer, and two se rial chan nels with RS- 232, RS- 422, or RS- 485 ca pa bil ity on ei ther or both chan nels. A full 16- bit PC/104 ex pan sion bus is pro vided for fur ther ex pan sion to an en tire in dus try of add- on pe riph er als in clud ing high- speed VGA con trol lers, sound and speech mod ules, SCSI con trol lers, ana log I/O mod ules, and lit er ally hun dreds of other op tions avail able from Win Sys tems and a va ri ety of ven dors sup port ing the PC/104 Bus stan dard

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  • Addressing: 32 Mega byte ad dress ing
  • Bus In ter face: STD- Bus 8- bit or 16- bit ex pan sion Bus / PC- 104 8- bit or 16- bit expansion Bus
  • Connectors: Multi I/O : 50-pin RN type IDH- 50- LP
  • Dimensions: 4.5” X 7” (with out STD- Bus mod ules or ca bles)
  • Fixed Disk : 40-pin RN type IDH- 40- LP PC/104 Bus 64-pin SAM TEC type ESQ-: Mechanical
  • Floppy Disk : 34-pin RN type IDH- 34- LP: Mechanical
  • Interrupts: TTL level in put
  • Jumpers: 0.025” square posts on 0.10” cen ters
  • Memory: Fac tory in stalled SMT DRAM in sizes from 4M to 32M
  • PC- Board: FR4 Ep oxy Glass with 4 sig nal lay ers and 2 power planes with screened Component leg end, and plated through holes
  • SSD Memory: One 32- pin JE DEC stan dard sock ets sup port 4- MBit SRAM, 4MBit PEROM, 4- MBit EPROM, 8- MBit EPROM or the M- Systems 32- pin DOC (Disk On Chip) module
  • Sys tem Clock: Fac tory con fig ured for 133 Mhz
  • Vcc: +5V +/-5% at 1300mA typi cal at 133Mhz and 32MB DRAM
  • VCC1: +12V +/-5% (Not re quired. PC/104 Bus Ex pan sion Only)
  • VCC2: -12V +/-5% (Not re quired. PC/104 Bus Ex pan sion Only)



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