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PCM-UI048A - Winsysystems PCM-UI048A I/O Module - 48 Line Digital I/O Module...

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Winsysystems PCM-UI048A I/O Module - 48 Line Digital I/O Module PC 104 Simple Type: Digital I/O

The PCM- UIO48A is a highly versatile PC/104 input/output module providing 48 lines of digital I/O. It is unique in its ability to monitor 24 lines for both rising and falling digital edge transitions, latch them, and then issue an interrupt to the host processor. The application interrupt serv ice rou tine can quickly determine, through a series of interrupt identification registers, the exact port(s) and bit(s) which have transitioned. The PCM- UIO48A utilizes the Win Systems' WS16C48 ASIC High Density I/O Chip (HDIO). The first 24 lines are capable of fully latched event sensing with the sense polarity being soft ware programmable. Two 50- pin I/O connectors allow for easy mating with industry standard I/O racks.

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  • +5 Volt only operation
  • 48 Digital I/O Lines
  • Com pati ble with standard I/O racks
  • Each line can serve as an input or an output
  • Extended temperature range -40°C to +85°C
  • PC/104 8- bit interface
  • Programmable polarity event sense on 24 lines
  • Read back capability on all out put lines


  • Type: PC 104 Digital



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