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LBC-586Plus-133-C - Winsystems LBC-586Plus-133 133MHz 5x86 SBC With 256KB Cache (Extended Temperature)...

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Winsystems LBC-586Plus-133 133MHz 5x86 SBC With 256KB Cache (Extended Temperature) Simple Type: CPU Board

The LBC-486/586Plus is a small, high- performance, embeddable computer system on a single board. It integrates a number of popular I/O options including VGA, Ethernet, Solid-State Disk, and high- density parallel I/O. Four nice PC compatible serial ports are standard as the floppy, hard disk, and parallel printer interfaces. The LBC-Plus is populated with either a 100 MHz AMD DX4 processor or the AMD 5x85 133 MHz processor. Up to 32Mbytes of user installable SIMM memory is supported. An optional 256KB level two cache is also available. A full 16- bit PC/104 expansion bus is provided for further expansion to an entire industry of useful, fun add-on peripherals including sound and speech modules, SCSI controllers, Analog I/O modules, and literally hundreds of other options available from Winsystems. A wide variety of vendors supports the PC/104 standard. An on-board silicon disk array supports disks up to 2 mega bytes in size and can utilize SRAM, PEROM, or EPROM as the disk media. Boot capability is provided on board and a set of utilities and drivers are provided to make the silicon disk based system very user friendly. Alternately, the M-Systems Disk On Chip FLASH modules maybe populated, supporting disk sizes ranging from 1 Mega byte to 12 megabytes.

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  • 100% PC-AT compatible
  • 16- Bit PC/104 expansion Bus
  • 48 Digital I/O lines with 24 line event sense capability
  • 486DX4 at 100MHz or 5X86 at 133 MHz
  • Bi-directional parallel printer port supports EPP and ECP modes
  • Dual floppy disk interface
  • Four 16550 compatible serial ports with optional RS422, RS485, and J1708 interfaces
  • NE2000 compatible 10BaseT, AUI, Ethernet controller
  • Optional 256K L2 cache
  • PCI High- resolution VGA controller for CRT or flat panel usage
  • PCI IDE controller
  • Solid State Disk support of up to 12MB
  • Up to 32 Mbytes of user installable FPM or EDO DRAM
  • Watchdog timer with power-fail reset


  • COM3/COM4: 20-pin RN type IDH-20LP
  • Connectors: Multi I/O and 50 pin RN type IDH-50LP
  • CRT: 10 pin RN type IDH-10-LP
  • Digital I/O: Two 50 pin RN type IDH-50-LP 10BaseTernet AUI : 16 pin RN type IDH-16-LP
  • Dimensions: 5.75 X 8.0 X 0.60 inches (with out PC/104 modules or cables)
  • Fixed disk: 40 pin RN type IDH-40-LP
  • Flat Panel: 50 pin RN type IDH-50-LP
  • Floppy Disk: 34 pin RN type IDH-34-LP
  • Interface: PC/104 8-bit or 16-bit expansion bus
  • Interrupts: TTL level input
  • Jumpers: 0.025" square posts on 0.10" centers
  • Memory SIMM socket: 72-pin fast page mode or EDO DRAM in sizes from 1M to 32M
  • Non-condensing relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • PC Board: FR4 epoxy glass with 4 signal layers and 2 power planes with screened component legend, and plated through holes.
  • PC/104 Bus: 64 Pin SAM TEC type ESQ-132-12-G-D and 40 Pin SAM TEC type ESQ-120-12- G-D
  • Power/Reset: 8 pin in-line molex
  • SSD memory: Two 32-pin JEDEC standard sockets support 4-Mbit SRAM, 4- Mbit PEROM, 4- Mbit EPROM, 8-Mbit EPROM, and 1.3.3 Mechanical
  • System Clock: Jumper programmable from 4MHz to 50MHz
  • VCC: +5V +/- 5% at 2.0A typical with a 133MHz 5X86 processor with 16M DRAM 1.8A typical with a 100MHz DX4 processor and 16M DRAM
  • VCC1: +12V +/-5%
  • VCC2: -12V +/-5%
  • Winsystems: LBC-586PLUS-133-C



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